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Social Media Deep Dive: How to Edit an Instagram Promo Post After You’ve Posted

So, you just created your social media accounts and the last platform you need to update is Instagram. You have your photo and after some time, you come up with the perfect caption. Click. The post goes up and a huge smile comes across your face.

However, that smile fades quickly as you suddenly realize something is off, or you’ve had a better idea for your catchy caption. You begin to ask yourself, “Can you edit photos on Instagram after you’ve posted?”. Maybe that scenario isn’t yours, maybe you have another reason for wanting your business’s Instagram caption to change. There are many reasons why you are wondering how to edit an Instagram post. Well, this blog has got you covered.

We will walk you through how to edit your post on Instagram as well as how to edit Instagram photos to look even better.

How to Post on Instagram

Before we take a deep dive into how to edit photos on Instagram after posting, when you feel like they need some tweaking, let’s go through the basics of posting on Instagram before we plunge into how to edit photos after posting.

There should be a “plus icon” in your Instagram app at the top right corner. Choose any image from your image library. Once you’ve selected an image the app automatically takes you to an editing section where you can decide to add a filter.

Once you’ve completed all your edits, click on the “arrow icon”. Write your caption, tag ANYONE you would like, and add your location. Tap the “checkmark icon”, and BAM, you’re all good to post

How to Edit an Instagram Post/ How to Change Your Instagram Caption After Posting

As a business owner, sometimes your mind changes, or you want to update a deal. Your account is reflective of you and therefore, you want to ensure that it truly is eye-catching and, well, correct. A question users have is: can I go back in and change the caption once it’s been posted. The answer? Yes! Here’s what you do.

Go onto your post and click the 3 side dots on the right-hand side. As you scroll down you should see an option to edit. Click on it and the app will automatically direct you down towards your caption.

Does Editing a Post on Instagram Affect Reach?

With Instagram, any content you post is ranked according to engagement rates. In terms of ranking and gaining exposure for a given post perhaps you should just let it lie in a manner of speaking. Here’s an example. Let’s say you post a marketing Q&A carousel and within a couple of hours you’re already racked up over 1000 likes. If you go back in and change and then repost, this effectively wipes out the progress you’ve thus far made. It almost acts as a reset.

You will lose credit for the original 1000 users who did respond to your Instagram post. So with all of that being said, I think the last question you ask yourself should be, “To edit or not to edit? Editing is totally fine and can be a huge help for your brand’s appearance, however, you want to make sure that any edits come at least within the first minute or so after you’ve posted. The faster the edit comes, the less progress you’ll lose with the posts algorithm. However, before posting anything, check, double-check, and yes, even triple-check your image for accuracy and quality.

Here at SA Collective, we have a great, hard-working team who know the ins and outs of the social media algorithm of Instagram and other platforms. Need some help with your accounts? For more information on setting up a social media account, creating content for it, and seeing your platform grow, reach out to one of our specialists. Every business needs a social media presence and can benefit from it, let us show you how!

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